Announcing a College Application Essay Seminar and Workshop!

Our test prep and tutoring partners, Ultimate Educators is proud to announce a four-day seminar and workshop for the Common Application essay.  Hosted by Wexler Education’s David Wexler, the course will include an information and brainstorming session followed by three days of essay workshops.  The end result will be a perfected, edited, ready-to-go essay for use on the Common Application.

Here is a breakdown of the course:

Day 1: A seminar on the Common Application essay and brainstorming session.  We will cover the structure, style, and purpose of the essay and then develop potential ideas to find the right one to use.
Day 2: Workshop the idea and first draft/freewrite (done at home) to develop the topic into a true first draft.

Day 3: Detailed editing and fine-tuning the essay to get it ready for use.

Day 4: Final workshop to finalize the essay and get it perfect.

The course will be from Monday, August 19 to Thursday, August 22, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm each night, and will be held at our office at 14 Bushy Ridge Rd. in Westport.
For more information, please email David directly at

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